Guide to Backup Excel Files – Further Read about Backup Repair

Steps to Backup Excel XLS Files

  • First of all go to Start » Run
  • Here, type ntbackup.exe
  • The Wizard will open
  • Click “Next”
  • You will see two Options, one for backup, and other for restore. Choose the backup option
  • Click “Next”
  • Select the option that says let me choose what to backup
  • Now, from the tree structure, reach the location where your Excel XLS files are kept, which you want to backup
  • Select the Excel file/files and click “Next”
  • Then, browse the location where you want to save the backed up Excel files. By default, the file name will be backup.bkf. However, if you want to keep some other name, you can type that name
  • Click “OK“
  • Backup process will take a few minutes
  • Click “Finish“
  • The backup file containing your Excel file data will be created at the location that you selected during the Excel file backup process

Now that you have taken the backup of your Excel XLS files, you are much secured and safe about those files. However, one thing that cannot be ruled out even in the case of data safeguards BKF files is their corruption or damage due to unwanted reasons like Virus attacks, Trojan infections, CRC errors etc. So, what to do in such a situation? How to Recover BKF Files contents?

Read about Backup Repair: If your backup.bkf file or some other BKF file/files with some other names have got corrupted, then you don't need to panic as a BKF repair solution can bring you out of this problematic situation by helping you perform backup recovery. You can recover BKF data easily with the help of backup repair software, which is a result-oriented BKF recovery tool. Using this BKF recovery software to recover BKF files will only take a small amount of your time as this BKF restore tool is highly speedy and quick in performing the process to restore BKF. So, this high-performing and quick-working BKF restore software will take you out of trouble in no time.