FAQs of BKF Recovery Software

Solutions for Frequently Asked Questions

1.) I have not received the Activation Key for the software. How do I get my key?

User has to provide the email id used for purchase or order receipt.

2.) How to Install BKF Repair?

For demo version, please visit the given link: http://123dl.org/dl.php?id=3 for full version, user needs to make the payment by the given link: https://www.bkffilerecovery.org/order-now.html. After receiving your payment, we will mail you the full version link with the activation details, through which; you can download the full version of the software.

3.) How Can I Recover BKF File?

You recover your BKF file by the use of our BKF Repair tool. BKF Repair software does the process in an efficient way. You can also try the demo version by downloading it from the given link: http://123dl.org/dl.php?id=3

4.) Is It Possible to Recover My VERITAS BKF File?

Yes, by the use of BKF Repair tool, you can recover your VERITAS BKF files also. Our software supports VERITAS as well as NTBackup.

5.) Is There Is Any Way to Recover My NT Backup Files?

By the use of BKF Repair tool, you can recover all your NTBackup files.

6.) I Need To Repair My BKF files. How Can I do It without Any Data Loss?

You can restore crashed backup file by the use of BKF Repair software, which recovers all the BKF files efficiently without any data loss. You can also try the demo version for the same.

7.) Does Your Tool Support Windows 10?

Our software runs smoothly on Windows 10/8.1/7/Vista/2K/XP/2003

8.) What Is The Difference Among Multiple Licenses?

Difference among the following three licenses:

Explaining Personal License

Explaining Business License

Explaining Enterprise License

9.) Difference between Demo & Full Version?

Demo version of the software easily repair crashed backup files and displays all files and folders in hierarchy from corrupt BKF files, but does not allow extracting or saving those files to the computer system. For saving your files, you need to purchase the full license.