NTBackup on XP Fails To Restore BKF File from CD!

Always it is said prevention is better than cure but is this statement relevant in all cases, in case of backup data restore also? Let’s check out the credibility of this sentence in the case of backup restore and BKF file recovery.

Preventive Measure: The best way to protect the data from any chances of losing them is saving and storing them. Windows by default give option for backup data with NTbackup utility as .bkf files. Some people prefer to store the BKF files into external devices like CD and Pen drive aiming better safety of data in case of any unexpected causes that can cause the system failure and there by corruption of data. But it is also reported that once copied to the external device say CD, NTBackup on XP fails to restore BKF file from CD.

Error Detected: The NTbackup will become helpless in case of  the error message that emerge while trying to restore Windows backup file from CD, as this will be the result of the improper copying of the BKF file while previously performing the copying of backup file. The preventive measure was right but the improper application of the way is the problem creator here.

Cure Tool: The data that you stored in the CD can still be recovered in case the NTbackup utility fails to restore backup file from CD with the help of an effective third party tool. The tool selection should be carried out carefully as the data integrity is the first matter to concern. BKF Repair software is one of the BKF repair tool that is a reliable and quality performer.

Added Benefits: BKF file recovery should be carried out without overwriting the content so if the software allows the provision to view BKF files and open BKF files along with the process of backup restore will be helpful and also it will be added benefit if BKF file repair software being a BKF reader perform BKF file recovery according to user pace and need. The BKF file repair process should be a simple task and restore BKF file software should recover BKF data quickly and reliably. All this benefits are in a recovery toolbox called BKF Repair software.